Salem News Journal

The Problem: You live in the Salem area, and you want to know why you are stuck in traffic, or you wonder how bad the fire in your neighborhood is, or maybe you just want to know what the police are doing up the street. Where do you turn?
The Solution: Salem News Journal! Salem News Journal is your twenty first century solution for breaking news in and around Salem. Salem News Journal is located in Salem, Oregon, USA. We are a small group of people bringing local broadcast news to our community. Using YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter we are pioneering a twenty first century model to deliver real time local news live to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Salem News Journal features our reporters in the field as they bring you the real time, relevant, Salem news you need, when it happens. Salem News Journal is your best source for local breaking news in the central Willamette Valley. Visit our YouTube channel to subscribe and then share it with everyone you know. Salem News Journal Rumble
Warning: Viewer Discretion Is Advised: The audio and video are live breaking news scenes; SCENES MAY BE TO GRAPHIC FOR SOME VIEWERS!