Man Robs Local Small Business Owner of Lottery Money

May 9, 2018, 9:35 pm

— Late Sunday morning a local bar and grill owner was robbed of money that is used to pay Lottery tickets after causing a distraction.

Liz Resch, owner of the West Side Station, in West Salem, told Salem News Journal a man, about 25 to 35 years old, five ft. eight, chunky, with blue eyes, was dropped off in the parking lot from an older cream or gold colored car.

After entering the restaurant he went straight to the bathroom.

When he returned from the bathroom he told Liz that it was flooded.

At this time Liz went to the bathroom to check and found the man had plugged a toilet and trashed the bathroom.

While she was looking at the damage this thief went behind the bar and stole the Lottery drawer, running out past a young boy that was their for a kiddie karaoke event that Liz puts on for the families every Sunday at afternoon.

The robber made it out the door and disappeared before she could stop him.

Liz says she "was in shock, and was appalled at how brazen this criminal was."

If anyone knows this man or has any information about this crime, please call Salem Police.

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