OSP Seeks Public's Help Locating Driver of Pickup Truck

November 15, 2017, 10:31 am

— Oregon State Police say that on November 14, at approximately 9:30 PM, the Northern Command Center was notified of a large metal object that had fallen off of a pick-up truck.

The pick-up was pulling a flat bed trailer and the object fell off of the trailer.

A minute later NCC started to receive calls of vehicles hitting the object.

The driver of the pick-up initially stopped and started to run to the object.

Once vehicles started to hit it he turned around, got back into the pick-up, and fled the scene.

The driver was only described as a male adult, said OSP. In total ten vehicles hit the object.

Most of the vehicles received minor damage except for one which flipped several times and the occupant from that vehicle was transported to the hospital with injuries.

There were no other injuries reported. 

Police say the object was a large band saw and was described as being approximately five feet long by two feet tall and was red and black in color.

The pick-up was described as a larger style personal vehicle such as a Ford F250 type vehicle. 

Anyone who witnessed the crash or who has information, who has not already spoken to police, please call the Oregon State Police at 1(800) 452-7888. 

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