Reps. Wilson And Parrish Call For CPR Training For Teachers

Measure Requires life-saving training for educators; Legislators Call For Bill To Be Referred to “Live” Committee

June 3, 2015, 4:53 pm

— Recently, the Oregon Legislature passed a bill to require that high schools teach students critical life-saving skills, including CPR. HB 3558, filed this week by Representatives Carl Wilson (RGrants Pass) and Julie Parrish (R-West Linn), would require teachers be certified in CPR, as well. The bill has been referred to the House Education committee, where previous attempts to enact such legislation have been stonewalled.

“I certainly would have preferred that this bill be referred to Rules or an active committee where it could receive a fair hearing,” Rep. Wilson noted. “It’s a shame that such a potentially life-saving measure should be condemned to die.”

“Last week, House Democrats passed SB 79 A, which requires students to know CPR as part of the graduation requirement,” said Rep. Parrish. “The argument is that it could ‘save your life or the life of someone you love’. That same logic should be applied to educators who have the daily responsibility of ensuring that our children are safe during the school day and on field trips. We need to resolve this and pass a bill this session before another child is harmed."

Currently, only a handful of adults in a school setting are required to know CPR.

Rep. Parrish cited a recent incident that occurred on the Oregon coast where a parent helped rescue a student caught in a strong “sneaker wave” and pulled off-shore. The parent, Dwon Guvenir, a West Linn resident, father, and EMT, has repeatedly approached the Legislature with the hope that CPR training will be included as part of maintaining or establishing a teacher's license. While the child in last week’s incident didn't need CPR, the incident illustrated Guvenir’s point that educators should have emergency training, and specifically, CPR certification.

House Bill 3885 also would allow teachers to accept CPR training for free and not count towards the "gift" limit in Oregon’s ethics laws. The measure has no fiscal impact for the state.

Rep. Wilson serves as State Representative for House District 3, Grants Pass and Josephine County. Rep. Parrish represents House District 37, Tualatin/West Linn.

Source: Representative Carl Wilson and Representative Julie Parrish

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