A Kidney for Stanley

Anyone With Blood Type O is a Possible Match

January 7, 2018, 5:39 pm

—  A young father who has been fighting for his life since birth needs the publics help fast.

Stanley Meshell, a 29 year old father of two boys along side his wife Nichole Denison reside in Spokane, Wa, where he is waiting for a potential kidney donor.

Stanley recently found out that the rare disease he has had since birth, known as Alport Syndrome, has progressed into kidney failure and time is runnimg out.

He now faces dialyses every other day to stay alive.

Stanley is compatible with any donor who has the blood type “O”.  

The donor will be well screened and evaluated to make sure he or she would be healthy enough to withstand the procedure and recover back to a normal functioning life after donating.

All expenses are paid for through the Kidney Transplant Program at the Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center, located in Spokane, WA.

For information on receiving a packet and or application to help Stanley please contact the Program at (1) 509-474-4500.

For more information on Stanley, his family, and his fight go to www.facebook.com/kidney4stanley

Please be informed that it is the responsibility of the potential donor to keep in contact with the Medical Center throughout the application process, for they do not reach out to donors.

If you are unaware of what your blood type is, you can go to your local Red Cross to make a general blood donation for free, and get the blood type information needed.

As it turns out many health care insurance providers do not cover the specific blood test that is required to get this information.

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